Celtic Girl (©2007 Kyf Brewer/CoCo Brewer)

When you come to the end of your day
And you can't think of anyone to save your live
That could pull you through the big bad world
Then the chance is you never met a Celtic Girl

If your breath's been taken away
By the sight of a lass the second she strolled past
And your heart's gone into a whirl
Then the odds are you're lookin at a Celtic Girl

What if your world turned upside down
The earth went purple and the sky went brown
You'd need somebody that could make things sound
When you feel like you wanna go home
She could spark a fire that would guide you there

If there's a freckled face in your mind
And you just can't shake it cause you been daydreamin'
Of a head that's covered in curls
And the twinkle-eyed beauty of a Celtic Girl

She can make up a proper meal in seconds flat
Drink you under the table saying "here's your hat"
And she'll quote you wisdom from her great granddad
That's the best that you ever have known
And you better well listen or ye'll turn up missin'

If she walks with the devil in her gait
And she'll dance for hours while her young man waits
And she tears when the bagpipes skirl
Then you know that you found yourself a Celtic Girl
When you come to the end of your day
And you can't find anyone to save your life
Who can pull you through this big bad world
Then you know you better find yourself a Celtic Girl

Boy you better get yourself a Celtic Girl
Celtic Girl
Celtic Girl.