Connemara Ground
(© 2010 Keith Swanson, Kyf Brewer)

The first thing I remember is my mother's ardent eyes
Gazing from the doorway as the world went drifting by.
The sky it was the bluest blue, the earth it did resound
The day I took my first steps on the Connemara Ground.

I chased the cows and chickens round and helped to haul the peat,
And hid among the flaggers when I needed some retreat.
We pinched the pound and grew our own, to seasons we were bound,
And it all tasted of heaven straight from Connemara Ground.

One day me cousin beckoned me to come across the sea -
"The other side is beautiful and plentiful and free,
They'll pay you just to cut their grass and keep their garden sound,
Come exorcise your spirit from the Connemara Ground."

I been across a hundred times and made my presence high,
And still remember clearly signs, "No Irish Need Apply".
You could have done without me boys, without me ancient face,
But America the beautiful would be a different place.

Now some will say the greenest grass is on the other crest,
And some will wave their nation's flag and claim to be the best,
But home is where you hang your hat, the truth is safe and sound
In the devil wind and secrets in my Connemara Ground.