Get Your Irish On
(© 2010 Kyf Brewer)

Well a man pushes west to a new set of mountains
On his back there's a fiddle and a drum
And the sound he makes ignites the whole country
Makes the new world hum

Well the man takes a wife and he teaches her to whistle
And he picks up the fiddle in the while
And the people come around and they bang and they howl
Sing songs of the devil and the sky

Now several years later and a new set of players
And the old ways crumbled and gone
But they still come alive with the spirit and the song
So come on honey, get your Irish on

There once was a young woman who was tall thin and lovely
But her heart was as wicked as the day
And she bellowed at her children kept em locked up in the cellar
Drove her suitors away

Then a man came from Dublin who could tell what was troublin' her
With eyes as wide as the sea
And he ended all her bitchin' with his courtin' in the kitchen
As he sang about the love and harmony

Then they popped that cork on his poitin bottle
And they rolled 'neath the covers till the dawn
Cause nothing is as strong as the spirit and the song
He said, come on honey get your Irish on!

One young couple sitting calm and collected
When the ceilidh band started up to play
They was two tired people with a foot in the grave
Had nothing to say

But the ceilidh band started up brave and strong
And the music drifted over the fair
And the singer sang and instruments rang
And the feet started kickin' in the air

Then up jumps the boy and does a jig on a log
And he pleads for her to be his bride
Cause nothing exists but the spirit and the song
He says come on honey, get your Irish on!