Sellersville Theater!

 JUST ANNOUNCED - the Juice at Sellersville Theater January 23 with special guests The Karmic Repair Company! Don't miss this one! Tix go on sale this week!


Exciting week in the mid west!

Join us for this upcoming exciting week out west! Links & details below...

9/17 Nine Irish Brothers - Halfway In The Bag to St Paddy's Day!! See how the Indianapoli do it!

9/18 O'Malley's 1842 Irish Pub - Live in the Underground - our favourite pub! ummm beer cellar! ummm cave! Our favourite pub-beer-cellar-cave-type place.

9/19 Dubliner Pub - A night of fun, dancing, and drinking at this Irish Pub in Omaha!


Barleyjuice invited to play Smithwicks Sessions!

Philly locals will be pleased to notice the addition of two local gigs in September hosted by Smithwicks (which we just happen to drink a lot of..) check it out, peeps! September 11 at Molly Maguires in Phoenixville, September 25 at Maggie O'Neills in Drexel Hill. See our calendar for all the deets!



 We've spoken to a LOT of people interested in joining us on our Ireland trip October 17 - 24. Some of you have signed up, some have not yet. But NOW it's URGENT! Those of you who haven't registered for one reason or another, we need to get you situated... Hammond, the tour company needs to know how many connecting flights need to be booked and how many hotel rooms, seats on the bus, etc., so they can plan the trip accordingly. Please, if you haven't already, and you are thinking of coming with us, go to the website and sign up at this time. We need everyone going to be accounted for by the end of August. Click this link for the exciting full schedule, and to sign up.

It's that simple! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!






Great American Irish Fest this weekend!



Juice in NYC & Lancaster this week - 6/26 - 27



It ain't over yet!


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