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New Juice Shirt!

 Despite the groundhog - St. Patrick's Day is right round the corner! The Official 2014 Barleyjuice ST PADDY'S shirt is HERE! Order yours NOW!


New & Improved Barleyjuice 2014! Alice and Barnes take the stage!

Letting you know that 2013 was the final season for Greg and Shelley. We wish them well in their future endeavors.

Barleyjuice is very excited to announce new band members Alice and Barnes! Alice plays a mean fiddle, viola and some keys, has a beautiful voice, and we understand she can cut a rug as well, though we have yet to work that into the show... Keith Barnes has subbed on drums with us previously and so was the perfect candidate to be the new pounder.

And yes, we know what you're thinking... Kyf, Keith, and.. Keith?? So let's just keep it to Kyf, Swanny and Barnes, please...

Promoters, we will have new 2014 press pics up on our Press Kit page very shortly so please keep an eye out. 



 Just a quick teaser - We're going back to Ireland and taking you with us from October 17-24. Working out schedule now, but we will tell you we're spending more time in Galway and Dublin and less time moving from hotel to hotel. Look forward to another great tour... and a possible surprise for you in addition!

More info to come soon, mark your calendars!


Weston Irish Fest!

This Thursday, we're playing Byrnes Pub in Columbus 8-11pm. Then we head off to the Weston Irish Fest for the whole weekend!
Friday: 9:00-10:30 Courtyard Stage
Saturday: 4:00-5:10 Hall Stage & 9:30-11:00 Courtyard Stage
Sunday: 1:50-3:00 Courtyard Stage



We've been working, you've been waiting... Our new album, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, officially hits the streets and the internet on September 27th, as we're tuning up for a burning performance at Celtic Classic. But first, THIS FRIDAY the 20th, YOU can grab a sneak peak on our Facebook page where we'll be sharing a FREE download of our opening track, aptly titled, "St. Patrick's Day".

Juicers, unite! Spread the word!! Join the event page here!


Columbus OHIO - Byrne's Pub added!

 When Pat Byrne took the stage to bring us on at the Dublin Irish Fest, who knows if he was in his right mind or drunk? Or is "drunk" his right mind? Either way, he ended up announcing the return of Barleyjuice to the region - by way of his very own Byrne's Pub on October 10th. Be there or be... well, i guess, home... being boring.



 This Saturday, Barleyjuice is playing at World Café Live in Philly! Opening for us will be Billy Dominick's Ziggy Stardust. Special appearances by Barleyjuice members past and present - BD himself, Graham Ford, Eric Worthington, Kyf Brewer, and Keith Swanson will perform the David Bowie album in its entirety. This show is NOT to be missed!!!



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