vocals, guitar, accordion, harmonica, bagpipes, congas, bodhran, tinwhistle, haggis, jam butties

Brewer is the throaty git on the microphone. He writes and sings for Barleyjuice, as he did previously for Company of Wolves, and before that The Ravyns. His whiskey-soaked vocal nodules have been exploited for everything from VH1's Before They Were Rock Stars to Dodge commercials, and he can be spotted with the unkilted eye in such cult films as Serial Mom and Fahrenheit 911 as well as playing a cop in NBC's Homicide and a sleazy photographer in CBS' Hack. Never really any good at holding down a steady job, Brewer occasionally pipes, and joined Swanny in the Millenium Pipes March on Edinburgh, Scotland in 2000. Kyf wants fans to know that his favourite colour is plaid and to please refrain from tossing haggis at him onstage, as it can be quite slippery.

vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, bagpipes, tinwhistle, bass, mutton kebobs

Though spurned at birth and subsequently raised by squirrels, Swanny has shown great adaptive skills. After leaving the security of his treetop home to rejoin the human world, he eschewed acorns in favor of guitars and bagpipes, and earned the rank of Pipe Major of the Loch Rannoch Pipe Band in 1997. He and they marched in the Millenium March in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2000. Swanny founded Barleyjuice with Kyf and others in 1998. His vast collection of Nancy songs and uncanny ability to pick an apropos jig is the stuff of celtic-rodent legend.

bass guitar, drunken harmonies, pint glass

Despite being both Scottish and Irish, Eric was allowed to join the band anyway. He has spent the last several years using his walking bass lines to step all over the vocals of such Philly acts as the Bobby Lenti Band, Lenny G and the Soulsenders, and his own pet project, The Karmic Repair Company. Prior to that, Eric lived a dual life of Accountant-By-Day, Lap-Dancer-By Night, which may explain his kilt fetish. Or not. And ladies, his favorite colour is eleven.

violin / fiddle, viola, vocals, piano, cajon, djembe, tinwhistle, endless hair

Irish-Italian, hailing from the outskirts of Philadephia, Alice had been searching for just the right vehicle with which to exhibit her limitless talents. After pillaging various universities including Eastern, Temple, and Immaculata, collecting degrees and opportunities, she has found a home with Barleyjuice, who encourages her to make as much of a spectacle of herself as she pleases. Alice can also Irish dance as well as Latin dance, so we warn audiences to give her space, lest someone be injured should she attempt both at once.


What can be said about John Tracey that hasn't been said already? His long career of banging things has included being a member of such notable groups as Climbadonkey, The Ravyns, Crack The Sky, Rob Fahey & the Pieces, and many more. We're sure all these people have had things to say about him but we didn't ask any of them. Hailing from Baltimore, John has tried a number of good crab dishes and talks with that funny Baltimoron accent. Non-job-related feats John has attempted include riding on the front of his car while driving it, jumping over his drum kit while playing it, performing drum solos on non-drum surfaces, and riding a unicycle. Oh, and John's family is actually Irish. There's the one thing no one has ever said about him. Until now.

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